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Construction Industry Solutions & Capabilities

Monitor Jobsite
Performance Remotely

  • Reduce engine idle time to save fuel
  • Estimate jobs more accurately by reviewing actual usage on the job
  • Track jobsite equipment on actual DOT engineering drawing maps
  • Monitor engine hours

Safeguard Equipment
on the Job or in the Yard

  • Get automated tracking that locates equipment 24/7
  • Receive an alert via phone or email when equipment moves
  • Locate stolen equipment

Get Reports that Help You
Manage Your Business

  • Understand what equipment is idle at jobsite and why
  • Identify need for preventive maintenance to reduce breakdowns
  • Improve your project management with reports that detail actual usage on job
  • Enhance your estimating capabilities by reviewing job detail and summary reports

A brief overview of the RASTRAC capabilities for the construction and rental equipment industries.