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Construction Industry Solutions & Capabilities

Monitor Jobsite
Performance Remotely

  • Reduce engine idle time to save fuel
  • Estimate jobs more accurately by reviewing actual usage on the job
  • Track jobsite equipment on actual DOT engineering drawing maps
  • Monitor engine hours

Safeguard Equipment
on the Job or in the Yard

  • Get automated tracking that locates equipment 24/7
  • Receive an alert via phone or email when equipment moves
  • Locate stolen equipment

Get Reports that Help You
Manage Your Business

  • Understand what equipment is idle at jobsite and why
  • Identify need for preventive maintenance to reduce breakdowns
  • Improve your project management with reports that detail actual usage on job
  • Enhance your estimating capabilities by reviewing job detail and summary reports

A brief overview of the RASTRAC capabilities for the construction and rental equipment industries.


If you’re in the construction industry, hopefully you have been able to beat the statistics and have not yet been a victim of equipment theft.


Construction equipment is believed to be a hot target for thieves for several reasons. Often they are poorly secured, easily disguised and very expensive. As you know, some equipment can cost as much as $150,000.


Often, anti-theft measures taken for registered motor vehicles are not used on construction equipment. For example, the open cabs of construction equipment can be extremely simple for a thief to gain access. Also, your equipment will often have “one key fits all” ignition systems. Adding to that, title and registration for this type of equipment are not mandated. And, unfortunately, recordkeeping for construction equipment is often poor, making identification of recovered items difficult.


Construction equipment often does not have standardized vehicle identification numbers or serial numbers. When they do, thieves typically remove all of these identifying numbers before reselling the items, often to unsuspecting contractors. Other equipment may be stripped down to components for separate resale on the black market. Some items stolen in the United States are sold across the borders.


In fact, the National Insurance Crime Bureau in the U.S. estimates that more than $1 billion in construction equipment is stolen each year.


Another study conducted in 2005, reported that a full 72% of construction companies have had equipment stolen in the past five years.


And every month, nearly 1,000 pieces of commercial equipment are reported stolen to the National Crime Information Center, or NCIC. With the average value of a stolen piece of equipment estimated to be $22,300, the costs add up quickly for fleets.


And what’s worse… Only 21% of stolen equipment was recovered in 2011.


According to the NCIC 2011 Heavy Equipment Theft Report, the

Top Ten States for Equipment Theft in 2011 were:

1. Texas

2. North Carolina

3. Florida

4. California

5. Georgia

6. Tennessee

7. South Carolina

8. Alabama

9. Oklahoma

10. Missouri


The top five states accounted for 40% of all thefts.

The top ten states accounted for 59% of all thefts.


 Here are some tips for securing your jobsite and preventing equipment and material theft.

  1. Increase lighting during off hours
  2. Keep good records
  3. Practice effective inventory management
  4. Secure your perimeter
  5. Review your current security plan

And finally…. Use theft deterrents and Rastrac’s proven GPS-enabled recovery system


Rastrac can be just the solution you need to assist in the recovery of any of your stolen property. In 2013, we helped one of our extremely satisfied customers recover six pieces of their stolen equipment.


With an extremely easy installation process, and monitoring as low as $9.95 per month, the Rastrac solution is simple and cost-effective.


For more information or a no-obligation demo of the devices and service, please call us here at Rastrac.


So, trust your fleet and your investment with an industry-leading company proven to stop thieves in their tracks.