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Education Fleet Capabilities

Watch Driver Activities

  • Routes
  • Speed
  • Turns
  • Deceleration / Acceleration
  • Arrival times / departure times
  • Location (even in subdivisions)

Prevent Equipment Breakdowns

  • Get automated reports on engine performance
  • Identify need for preventive maintenance to reduce engine damage and potentially costly breakdowns
  • Monitor bus and food service vehicle engine conditions to meet benchmark performance standards

Get Better Data

  • Improve your fleet management capabilities with reports that detail actual mileage and vehicle performance
  • Get turn-by-turn data on each vehicle by any time period you wish
  • Get better fuel data

Monitor Standard Routes and Field Trips

  • Get data about non-route bus usage, such as field trips and after school activities, no matter what time of day the events occur

Dispatch Maintenance Vehicles

  • Access maps with driver location
  • Calculate which vehicle is closest to the applicable location