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Education Fleet Capabilities

Watch Driver Activities

  • Routes
  • Speed
  • Turns
  • Deceleration / Acceleration
  • Arrival times / departure times
  • Location (even in subdivisions)
  • School bus stop arm and hazard light monitoring

Prevent Equipment Breakdowns

  • Get automated reports on engine performance
  • Identify need for preventive maintenance to reduce engine damage and potentially costly breakdowns
  • Monitor bus and food service vehicle engine conditions to meet benchmark performance standards

Get Better Data

  • Improve your fleet management capabilities with reports that detail actual mileage and vehicle performance
  • Get turn-by-turn data on each vehicle by any time period you wish
  • Get better fuel data

Monitor Standard Routes and Field Trips

  • Get data about non-route school bus usage, such as field trips and after school activities, no matter what time of day the events occur

Dispatch Maintenance Vehicles

  • Access maps with driver location
  • Calculate which vehicle is closest to the applicable location

school bus stop sign monitoring


School Bus Stop Sign Monitoring


RASTRAC will allow you to not only track your school bus fleet, but also receive an alert when the stop arm has been extended, and/or the hazard lights have been activated. You can view a report showing exactly where and when the school bus was when the stop sign was extended or the school bus hazard lights were activated.


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