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RASTRAC is device-independent and works with more than 60 different hardware devices. We can supply the best hardware to meet your needs, or you can provide your own.

Enfora MT-GU and GI

The MT-Gu and GI are good general purpose GPS/Cellular modems that are used extensively in many applications. They are covered with a rugged plastic shell, enhancing the durability of these GPS tracking units.

LMU-900, 800 and 700 GPRS

The LMU-Series is an economical vehicle tracking product designed for easy and reliable installation in automobiles. The LMU-900 is an ideal solution for automotive insurance, theft prevention, vehicle finance, auto rental, and other automotive tracking applications.

Spider AT

The Spider AT is a a self contained unit for tracking both fixed or mobile assets. Product features include up to three years, or more,of operation based on configuration and reporting frequency Designed for the intelligent monitoring of un-powered mobile and fixed assets the Spider AT is easily installed and managed.


A completely self-contained end-user device, the TrimTrac locator is the size of a white board eraser and weighs 7.2 ounces without batteries. It is encased in a durable, lightweight, water-resistant housing. Internally, a GPS receiver and GSM modem are integrated onto a single board and are controlled by a common microprocessor.

SX1™ & SX 1L

The OrbitOne SX1 is the smallest, most cost-effective, multi-year, battery powered satellite tracking tag available today. The SX1 represents a break-through in asset tracking and monitoring solutions. Available with an unprecedented three year warranty, this ruggedized device is designed to withstand harsh environmental extremes, and has been awarded the highest certifications available today in a tracking device.


The Messenger works seamlessly with electronic engine controllers, ECUs and other devices that support CANbus – J1939 or J1708 communications in the same box. The Messenger gathers data from a machine’s on-board electronic control system and transmits it wirelessly
for easy viewing on RASTRAC.

OBDII Plug n Play

A compact, self-contained device, the OBDII Plug n Play unit offers on-board diagnostic (OBD) features without the high cost. Powered by RASTRAC, the OBDII tracks traditional GPS locations based on movement rates, turns, distance, or any combination of these factors. The OBDII Plug n Play also provides alerts based on speed violation, RPM thresholds, and excessive acceleration and deceleration.


IntelliStick is a patented real-time oil condition sensor that provides condition-based maintenance information to reduce costs and extend engine life.

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