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RASTRAC Videos, Tutorials, and Product Introductions

Here you can view video demos and tutorials for RASTRAC GPS tracking software and GPS hardware. Our fleet tracking solutions are easy to use and available on a variety of platforms. Manage your fleet remotely through our secure web portal or track your assets anytime, right on your mobile device. See our videos below for a more detailed look at our GPS fleet tracking software in action.

Full System Tutorial

Brand new to RASTRAC? Need a refresher? Have a new employee that needs training? This video covers all the functions you need to manage your fleet.

Preventing Construction Equipment Theft

RASTRAC’s guide to preventing the theft of your construction and heavy equipment. Included are statistics on trends of this type of theft, as well as tips to make sure you do not become a victim.

Video Spec Sheet: CalAmp LMU-2700 Series

RASTRAC’s video overview for the CalAmp LMU-2700 series fleet tracking device.

Video Spec Sheet: CalAmp TTU-700 Series

RASTRAC’s video overview for the CalAmp TTU-700 series asset tracking device. Included a tutorial on how to assemble and disassemble the device, as well as general device details.

ASPCA Parody Video

Our take on the ASPCA Commercials

Introduction to Rastrac

A basic introduction to the Rastrac platform.

Geofencing Tutorial

Get updates when a vehicles enters or leaves a predetermined area.

Custom Integrated Map Data

A discussion of custom overlay mapping and a demonstration pertaining to the oil industry.

Map Marker Plugin

A brief discussion and demonstration of the Map Marker add-on for tracking and viewing vehicle paths.

GPS Fleet Tracking for Construction and Rental Equipment Industries

A brief overview of the RASTRAC capabilities for the construction and rental equipment industries.

Vehicle Movement

Monitor routes and track your fleet in real time. The demo below shows a detailed history of activity for every vehicle in your fleet.

Mobile Vehicle Tracking

See how to get all the RASTRAC fleet tracking functionality right on your smartphone.