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Client and Dealer Feedback

“Employees know that we can locate them so non job-related company vehicle use has been dramatically cut. Dispatching is also aided but being able to quickly locate an asset close to where it is needed. Also, when we have had an employee go missing, we can at least find our truck. Your product is great and service is excellent also!”
–Stuart Petroleum Testers - Mike Kocian


“Reliable. Easy to use. Upgradeable. Supports widest variety of hardware. Best Customer Support. Backwards compatible.  AVL solution decreased need for time-wasting voice dispatching. Eliminated costly backtracking. Provided informative management reports and verified on-time performance.”
–Portronix - Jules Neuringer


“Excellent products continuously improving in features and range. Very helpful support via email.  We are able to track our company vehicles which greatly assists our service coordinator schedule techs and in turn our customer service. We also sell the stand alone avl service which is now becoming more in demand. The new “in the cloud” solution will be a great new feature to offer to our clients to help make the service more affordable and accessible.”
–Caribel - Bridgette Serrao


“We currently use RASTRAC to live track 5 trolleys which operate within a private community. RASTRAC has been extremely helpful from the first contact. In fact, I initially contacted 4 companies as I was researching GPS tracking systems and RASTRAC was the first to respond and the most thorough in their response. This type customer service sold me from the start. Throughout the process, RASTRAC has been professional, courteous and extremely helpful. At our request, their software developers wrote custom software for us in short order. The equipment has been rock solid and the historical reports are extremely helpful as you monitor your operation. I highly recommend RASTRAC.”
–Community Service Associates - Bob Gossett


RASTRAC exceeded my own expectations! If you are considering this company and their products my suggestion is to consider to engage with this company as soon as you can!”
– College Station Independent School District Transportation Services – Matthew M. McDonough


“Our clients expect high quality software and products, and RASTRAC delivers. The reason is simple, we trust Manning NavComp because we continuously receive the service and quality we expect.”
– DVTrace, SA de CV – David Villarreal Garza


“Manning NavComp provides top notch and timely service. I chose Manning because I felt I could trust the people I met.”
– ETA Systems Inc. – Michael Reilly


“We have been using your RASTRAC GPS System and have been extremely pleased with the results. Since the installation, I have been able to document an average increase in number of service calls each day by two calls per day for the department.”
– Meetze Plumbing – Frank Medley, Dispatcher


“We’ve been selling Manning NavComp’s RASTRAC products for more than 10 years. If you want vehicle tracking solutions that REALLY work, then don’t look any further than Manning NavComp.”
– Portronix – Jules Neuringer, President


“After having your system in operation for a year, I would like to take a moment of your time to let you know how pleased we are with your RASTRAC system.”
– Marc Nelson Oil Products – Clifford Olson, C.F.O.


“Every time I fire up that “shop copy” to test a radio, I think “If only (our other suppliers) would take care of us like Manning NavComp!”
– State of Nebraska, Department of Roads – Bob Malmquist


“We received a radio call from a driver and all he could say was my hand is pinned underneath the tow truck. I had no idea where he was but a simple click of the mouse on the RASTRAC button at the bottom of my screen told me where he was and which truck was closest to him. I was able to call 911 and give them his location. This all happened within several minutes and was faster than trying to contact AAA dispatch and find out what call he was working.”
– B.C. Towing – Jeff Asher, President